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Resume Formats

The Easy Resume site features Jimmy Sweeney's noted resume formats solutions, which will help to catch the eye of prospective employers. The resume formats aid is the tool job seekers should acquire to enable their resumes to hold and intrigue the attention of a future employer. Jimmy Sweeney's resume formats featured on the Easy Resume site will give job seekers the almost magical ability to complete an amazing resume and make prospective employers want to grant a job interview. Getting an interview is the focus of the entire exercise of submitting an extraordinary resume to apply for a specific position with a company.

Easy Resume's site allows the browsing and understanding of Jimmy Sweeney's promotion of his noted resume formats solutions, which have successfully been used by many thousands of job seekers across the world. Easy Resume informs that Jimmy Sweeney is the President of CareerJimmy and author of the new "Amazing Resume Creator." He has helped countless thousands of job seekers to gain more quality job interviews and job offers in dozens of highly competitive fields when using his step-by-step resume format formula. A well-written resume can double as a sales letter as job seekers literally "sell" themselves into receiving job interview requests.

Easy Resume informs that for the past twenty-four years, Jimmy Sweeney has been the President/CEO of a unique marketing and advertising company located in Calabasas, California. The resume formats creator is a professional copywriter and direct response marketer who, for the last seven years, has been writing the world's most effective resumes and cover letters for thousands of men and women around the globe. Easy Resume informs that Jimmy Sweeney took the career industry by storm when he introduced his breakthrough job-seeker tool entitled the "Amazing Cover Letter Creator" and followed this with the "Amazing Resume Creator." The resume formats creator is the only professional copywriter from the sales and marketing field to have applied proven trade secrets to creating powerful resumes and cover letters for job seekers.

Easy Resume advises that Jimmy Sweeney is a professional copywriter who is fully aware that job seekers are living in some of the most difficult and stressful times they have seen in years. Easy Resume recommends the resume formats tool to job seekers for instantly cutting in half the time of job searches and the valuable saving of money and energy, as well as the reduction of stress. Easy Resume informs that the amazing resume formats solution is bringing fantastic results to customers, from college graduates to top level executives, throughout the country and the world. Easy Resume states that after purchasing the Amazing Resume Creator, customers will have immediate access to download the program from the membership website to their computers. Job seekers will click the "Tailor" button to begin creating a resume from the resume formats templates on the screen. The Amazing Resume Creator automatically interfaces with Microsoft Word making it easy to customize an amazing personal resume, which will be ready in just a few minutes.

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